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Mustang HEART (ESLRs)

All Mustangs show their respect and responsibility daily.  Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are what all students should know, understand, and be able to demonstrate by their culmination from Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy #12 (guiding principals for the school community).
The HEART of each Mustang:
Healthy individual
Demonstrates an understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle
Balances and values mental and physical well-being
Recognizes the value of proper nutrition and practices physical fitness
Effective communicator
Reads, writes, speaks, listens, and responds thoughtfully
Demonstrates mastery of content-area standards in a variety of ways
Uses technology appropriately to communicate
Active critical thinker
Demonstrates ability to use reasoning skills to solve complex problems within content-area standards
Demonstrates intellectual curiosity
Uses technology appropriately to gain information and solve problems

Responsible citizen
Demonstrates positive social and interpersonal skills
Is honest and principled
Shows respect for self and others
Celebrates cultural diversity and embraces different points of view

Technology integrator
Strives to be technologically literate
Uses technology to analyze, research, solve, and complete tasks
Practices ethical and legal decision-making